Crawdaddy mention

UCSC’s Grateful Dead Archive is again in the news. This time Crawdaddy is running an article in reference to the fabulous write up we had by Joshua Green in the March 2010 Atlantic. Here Angela Zimmerman talks about how we’re inciting scholastic followers. Read it at:

One thought on “Crawdaddy mention

  1. Great artical. It made me recall back in 1983 I was sailing on the U.S. Coast Guard Ice Breaker NORTHWIND. My mom heard the Dead were coming to Rochester, NY the same time I would be visiting after the voyage.

    She tried to get tickets for my but the show was sold out both days. So she she found out the phone number in CA and requested tickets for me and a friend “My son in in the Arctic and …”. They said no problem and put them in the mail.

    She told my sister who also wanted some so she called back and got 2 more for each show. Backstage escort to the front of the stage!

    What a great organization and mother.

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