PigPen Shirt Festival Express - Lovelight-

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“PigPen Shirt Festival Express - Lovelight-,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 10, 2016, http://www.gdao.org/items/show/1694082.


  • I have reconstructed the image on the front of the shirt (tank-top) Pig is wearing on stage while singing Lovelight.
    If memory serves, the upper portion of the image (with the outline of bombs) was a very common image back then during the anti war movement. The original drawing of the bombs I believe came from a soviet anti-american propaganda poster also common at the time. (I had seen it before)
    Tha back of the shirt simply had the Festival Express logo sewn onto it.


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Nicholas Meriwether

What a wonderful image! A fine picture of Pigpen, and I love your design; nicely done! Thanks so much for contributing.

2013-03-25 09:02:28


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