Family time on the grass at Shoreline

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“Family time on the grass at Shoreline,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 7, 2016,


  • I will be forever grateful to have been able to take my son Addison to see The Grateful Dead.The day was full off fun and excitement for both of us and like usual we made new friends that sun soaked day on the grassy hillside at Shoreline.
    Forever Grateful,
    Leo Gauthier


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Nicholas Meriwether

What a wonderful shot! Many thanks for sharing. This speaks volumes about the scene. Thanks for posting!

2013-06-17 12:44:43


Leo Gauthier

This is one of the sweetest memories I have and am glad to share it. 6/6/95 Shoreline Amphitheater.Addison and Daddy on the grassy hill enjoying the show!

2013-06-17 12:50:18


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