Weir backstage at the SF Black and White Ball 1989

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“Weir backstage at the SF Black and White Ball 1989,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 8, 2016,


  • Steve Ashman, a former GD roadie on the 1974 Wall of Sound tour, formed a very successful 60's R&B cover band called the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra. They headlined the Black and White Ball, a big SF event that is a benefit put on by the SF Symphony.

    Steve invited several famous musicians to sit in with the band that night: Bob Weir, Paul Kantner, Chris Isaak, Clarence Clemons. He also convinced Weir to perform "Black Throated Wind" for the first time in decades. Bob later revived that song with the Dead.

    This photo was taken backstage after the performance. Left to right: Glenn Mar, Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Bob Weir, Yvonne Anthony-Cahill.


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