Grateful Dead Live at Sam Boyd Silver Bowl on 1992-05-29


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Sam Boyd Silver Bowl on 1992-05-29,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 13, 2016,


d1t01 tuning
d1t02 Half-Step
d1t03 Walkin' Blues
d1t04 Peggy-O
d1t05 Black-Throated Wind
d1t06 They Love Each Other
d1t07 Memphis Blues
d1t08 Jack-A-Roe
d1t09 Promised Land

d2t01 tuning
d2t02 China Cat Sunflower
d2t03 I Know You Rider
d2t04 Looks Like Rain
d2t05 Crazy Fingers
d2t06 Playin' In The Band
d2t07 Jam (no Jerry)
d2t08 Drums

d3t01 Space
d3t02 Watchtower
d3t03 China Doll
d3t04 Sugar Magnolia
d3t05 Sunshine Daydream
d3t06 (e) The Weight


  • * Item added to lineage info, and tapers names corrected. Info in original seed was incorrect.

    No known recording flaws, but the usual first-day/first-set/first-song band-side sound difficulties/imperfections exist in Half-Step...

    There was wind, rain, and lightning (which hit a few people, I think) at this show (not uncommon for Vegas shows to have less-than-accommodating weather). In at least one spot where the music is quiet, you can hear an out-of-the-blue "Whoa!" crowd reaction, because a lightning bolt just touched-down a bit too close for comfort...


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Donor and Provenance:

  • Tascam DA-30 -> Diamond xTreme Sound Card -> Cool Edit Pro

Accession Number:

  • gd1992-05-29.fob.schoeps.84998.sbeok.flac16

Archival Resource Key:

  • ark:/38305/g4dv1kp1


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