Grateful Dead Live at RFK Stadium on 1995-06-25


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at RFK Stadium on 1995-06-25,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 12, 2016,


Set 1

Shakedown Street
Wang Dang Doodle
Mama Tried ->
Mexicali Blues
Loose Lucy
Picasso Moon

Set 2

Box Of Rain
Samson And Delilah
Ship Of Fools
Truckin' ->
Rollin' And Tumblin'
Samba In The Rain ->
Drums ->
Space ->
Wharf Rat ->
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace


  • Horsby on piano for entire show, Dylan opened

    Exellent FOB recording. Minimal close crowd noise and very clear. Has more low end than Nak 300 source. Problems noted below. This could be tracked to fit on 2 80 minutes discs, but this would involve cutting some of the interactive crowd stuff (we want phil and not fade away chant). There are no fades except at beginning and end of each set.

    d2t09 toward the end of drums there were technical difficulties and a 2 min segment with dropouts
    and about 30seconds of missing music. This was patched with other Nak 300 FOB source.
    d3t03 2 second spot of diginoise also patched

    Patch source:


  • 165

Donor and Provenance:

  • DAT 60ES > M-Audio Audiophile USB > CDWAVE > Goldwave (patching, and resampling) > CDWAVE (tracking) > Flac Frontend

Accession Number:

  • gd1995-06-25.fob.schoeps.cooper-howard.braveman.27450.flac16

Archival Resource Key:

  • ark:/38305/g4kd1zq3


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