Grateful Dead Live at Carousel Ballroom on 1968-03-30


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Carousel Ballroom on 1968-03-30,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 14, 2016,


Morning Dew, Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment > Dark Star > China Cat Sunflower > The Eleven > Turn On Your Lovelight Born Cross-Eyed > Feedback > Spanish Jam > Death Don't Have No Mercy, Turn On Your Lovelight, Beat It On Down The Line, Dancing In The Street


  • The late March '68 recordings are often listed as sbds, and the topic of aud vs. sbd remains uncertain for these shows, though they sound as if they were recorded with micophones on stage. The material for disc 2 is likely from a different show, though it circulates with the rest of what is dated as 3-30-68. It is possible that two Lovelights could be played in a single show, and it is conceivable that these songs may have preceded those on disc 1.

    --splice at 4:07 in The Eleven
    --the first couple seconds of Born Cross Eyed are missing.
    --minor clip at beginning of 2nd Lovelight
    --splice at 0:26 in 2nd Lovelight
    --glitch at 3:26 in Dancin'
    --Sound Forge was used to patch a number of dropouts from an alternate source

Donor and Provenance:

  • AUD > MR > D > PCM > D > CD > EAC > SHN

Accession Number:

  • gd68-03-30.aud.cotsman.14912.sbeok.shnf

Archival Resource Key:

  • ark:/38305/g4zg6t2x


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