Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore East on 1970-02-11


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore East on 1970-02-11,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 13, 2016,


*** Late Show (cont) ***
01) [00:07] tuning
02) [12:10] Dark Star->
03) [13:49] Spanish Jam->
04) [33:53] Lovelight
05) [00:18] stage banter
06) [00:22] crowd noise and stage banter
07) [00:26] stage banter
08) [05:18] Uncle John's Band
09) [00:11] stage banter


  • Dark Star 06:49 - 07:43 = unknown audience master > ? > C > C > D
    Dark Star 07:43 - 10:46 = unknown SBD source > ? > C > C > D
    Lovelight 30:13 - 30:46 = another unknown audience master > analog gen > C > C > D

    The unknown audience master used to patch the Dark Star is excellent. The other audience master, used to patch the Lovelight, is B+ quality. The second SBD source, supplying the other 3 minutes of the Dark Star missing on the MSR> DAT, is only very mildly inferior to the MSR> DAT source.

    The third guitarist audible starting about 2:30 into Dark Star and for several minutes thereafter is Peter Green. Duane Allman on slide guitar enters around the middle of Dark Star. Gregg Allman adds organ & vocals during Lovelight, and Barry Oakley plays a second bass on Lovelight.

    This is an optimal copy of a classic hour of Grateful Dead.

    Patched & remastered by Dave Greenberg
    DAE and FLAC encoding by Marc Evans
    Project coordinated by Jim Powell with a special thanks to DW

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  • gd1970-02-11.partial.sbd.greenberg-evans.28402.sbeok.flac16

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  • ark:/38305/g42f7pgm


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