Grateful Dead Live at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium on 1973-06-09


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium on 1973-06-09,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed November 28, 2015,


Set 1

Promised Land, Deal, Looks Like Rain, They Love Each Other, Jack Straw, Loose Lucy, Mexicali Blues, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Box Of Rain, Sugaree, Beat It On Down The Line, Tennessee Jed, Greatest Story Ever Told, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider

Set 2

He's Gone-> Truckin'-> Playin' In The Band, Loser, Me & My Uncle, Mississippi Half Step, Big River, Eyes Of The World-> China Doll, Sugar Magnolia

Sound check: China Cat->I Know You Rider. Do


  • Pitch Correction:
    -- SBD pitch and speed correction performed in Samplitude Pro ver 7.22
    -- the tape speed difference between SBD and AUD reels is variable and it slews
    -- some tracks were manually pitch-corrected into many segments
    -- some tracks were pitch-corrected into two segments
    -- some tracks were pitch-corrected in one segment
    -- Resample Mode was used to perform pitch and speed correction

    Matrix Mixing:
    -- track changes are seamless
    -- sources fade-in and fade-out
    -- remastered and rendered in Samplitude Pro VIP mode
    -- AUD source is mixed -1.5dB below SBD source

    Patches and Repairs:
    d1t01 - Promised Land - AUD source fades in at 0:42
    d1t02 - Deal - SBD right channel - parametric eq used to lower Garcia's guitar level - 3:35 to 4:05
    d2t04 - He's Gone - AUD tape damage patched - 6:25 to 6:37
    d2t06 - Truckin' - AUD missing due to reel flip - 8:08 to 9:03
    d2t07 - Playin' in the Band - unable to match sources after 9:28 - SBD only after 9:28
    d3t07 - Sugar Magnolia - SBD cuts out at 5:40; AUD only after 5:40

    Tracking and Set List:
    -- Notes from AUD and SBD sources list Set 1 / Set 2 alignments incorrectly
    -- Tennessee Jed is the correct end of Set 1

    Audience Source:
    -- Taped, transferred, and remastered by Monte Barry
    -- FOB center infield / between sbd platform and stage platform
    -- Sony ECM 99 single-point stereo mic
    -- Mic is hand-held on mic-stand shaft, w/arm raised up
    -- Sony TC 2850SD portable stereo cassette recorder
    -- Memorex 90-minute cassettes

    Audience Lineage (shnid 91236):
    -- MR cassette > Nakamichi 550 > Lexicon Alpha > 48 Khz / 24-bit > USB > Samplitude 7.22 > 44.1 Khz /16-bit

    SBD Lineage (shnid 172):
    -- S:MR > PCM > cassette > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN
    -- Extraction and SHN encoding by G.S. Hamilton
    -- Thanks to David Hollister for this beautiful show

    running time is 3:24:45
    pitch-corrected and matrixed by Monte Barry
    FLAC encoded in Trader's Little Helper - SBEs fixed


  • 204:40.53

Accession Number:

  • gd1973-06-09.117476.mtx.barry.flac16

Archival Resource Key:

  • ark:/38305/g49g5nwb


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