Grateful Dead Live at Cow Palace on 1976-12-31


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Cow Palace on 1976-12-31,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 6, 2016,



Disc 1 / Set 1:

1 The Promised Land
2 Bertha
3 Mama Tried
4 They Love Each Other
5 Looks Like Rain
6 Deal
7 Playi//ng In The Band

Disc 2 / Set 2:

1 intro
2 Sugar Magnolia >
3 Eyes Of The World >
4 Wha//rf Rat > Drums >
5 Good Lovin' >
6 Samson And Delilah
7 Scarlet Begonias

Disc 3:

1 Around And Around
2 Help //On The Way >
3 Slipknot! >
4 Drums >
5 Not Fade Away >
6 Morning Dew

7 One More Saturday Night
(missing UJB/AWBYG)


  • My notes:

    There is a sub-second dropout of some kind at about 4:48 into Playin'. Perhaps
    it was a short loss of FM signal. It doesn't sound digital.

    The slowdown you hear at 9:18 into Wharf Rat is due to the splice in from the
    alternate source that Charlie mentions below. The reel flips in Wharf Rat
    and Help on the Way were spliced from an alternate FM source.

    Charlie tells me this was the best sounding out of four copies he listened to.

    These are verbatim notes to me from Charlie:


    Recorded by on 12-31-76,
    Converted to CD by charliemiller87@earthlink.
    No Noise Reduction of any kind was used on this
    recording, analog or digital.
    Cool Edit Pro was used to normalize and to remove some
    pops, but there are still quite a few static pops.
    Sound troubles at the source caused the Level to begin
    low and slowly increase on Mama Tried. There are two
    reel flips, one at Wharf Rat (9:14) and one at Help On
    the Way (3:51).

    We took his master reel and played it on the tandberg
    deck it was recorded on. We plugged that directly into
    my sbm1, which then went into the tascam cdrw700 (This
    was done almost 2 years ago, which is before I had my
    soundcard). I thrn took the CDs (today) and normalized
    them, then retracked them. I wouldn't have done
    anything, but the tracking was done "on the fly" and
    was very poor.


    Converted from audio to SHN via EAC on 1/30/03 by David Hollister.


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  • ark:/38305/g4xs5wh0


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