Grateful Dead Live at Frost Amphitheatre on 1987-05-03


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Frost Amphitheatre on 1987-05-03,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 11, 2016,


Disc 1
Set 1
1. Set Intro
2. Touch of Grey
3. Promised Land
4. Row Jimmy
5. Itsy Bitsy Spider Tuning
6. Little Bunny Foo Foo Tuning
7. Peggy-O
6. Never Trust A Woman
7. Cassidy
8. Don't Ease Me In

Disc 2
Set 2
1. Set Intro
2. Iko
3. Feel Like a Stranger
4. Ship of Fools
5. Estimated Prophet -->
6. Drums

Disc 3

1. Space
2. The Other One -->
3. Black Peter -->
4. Throwing Stones -->
5. Not Fade Away

6. Set intro
7. The Mighty Quinn


  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Fix of shnid 1193.

    This is actually a refix. My first one was probably okay, but I wanted something more accurate in making the transition between CDs 2 and 3 seamless, something that was difficult because of the fades in the overlapping sections. Unfortunately, what I discovered was there was something qualitatively different between the end of CD 2 and the beginning of CD 3, so no matter how exactly I matched the volume at the splice points you could easily hear where the splice was. I finally had to settle for approximately matching the levels at the overlap, synching the overlap precisely and doing a cross fade in CE Pro (around 4 sec. into Space). It's not perfect, but it's the best I can do and it sounds pretty good. I'm sure someone else can do better.

    I converted the SHNs to FLAC and merged the drums and space into one track each (they had been three tracks each).

    Bill Tetzeli,
    5:20 AM 4/29/2006

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