Grateful Dead Live at Capital Centre on 1990-03-14


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Capital Centre on 1990-03-14,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 13, 2016,


Set I
d1t01 - Cold Rain And Snow
d1t01 - Feel Like A Stranger
d1t01 - Good Time Blues
d1t01 - Mama Tried>
d1t01 - Big River
d1t01 - Loose Lucy*
d1t01 - Memphis Blues Again
d1t01 - Row Jimmy
d1t01 - Let It Grow

Set II
d2t01 - Crazy Fingers>
d2t01 - Playin' In The Band>
d2t01 - Uncle John's Band>
d2t01 - Playin' Reprise>
d2t01 - Drums>
d2t01 - Space>
d2t01 - Dear Mr. Fantasy>
d2t01 - I Need A Miracle>
d2t01 - Black Peter>
d2t01 - Lovelight

d2t01 - Black Muddy River


  • *first Loose Lucy since 10/19/74 - crowd goes nuts in the background

    Audio Source Information
    SBD (shnid=8466)
    sbd>mc>dats>Soundforge 4.5>CDWAV>SHN
    d1 tape flip b/t Loose Lucy & Memphis Blues
    d2t6-4:31 tape flip
    d2t1-Crazy Fingers- 5:14 tiny blip
    d2t2-Playin- 4:24-4:26 static
    i am 99.420% sure ' Let It Grow' from this show appears on Without A Net - Chris L.
    Seed SHN's provided by Tom E.
    SBE's fixed and hosted by Chris L. at, 3/2002.

    AUD (shnid=89689)
    Master: JVC Single Tube Camera, Nak 300 Shotguns -> 0 Decks -> Panasonic AG-7400 -> S-VHS Master
    Transfer: S-VHS Master -> Sony SLV-R5UC -> Panasonic AG-7400 -> S-VHS 1st Gen
    Transfer: S-VHS 1st Gen -> Panasonic AG-7150 -> Canopus ADVC-100 -> iMac G4 -> Final Cut Pro 3 -> MP2 -> Brokedown House -> AIFF -> Adobe Audition 3.0
    Tech Notes

    SHNs were decoded to wave and Audition 3.0 was used to reassemble the tracks back to 1 long wave. Audition 3.0 was used to align & synch the SBD & AUD sources. Audition 3.0 used to adjust the volume for AUDs, matrix/CTR and LFE channels. Surcode CD Pro DTS was used to encode to DTS.
    - Mixed by
    - FLAC conversion 02-JAN-2008
    Multitrack Mixdown Settings


    Stereo Matrix
    SBD -0
    AUD -1.5


    Stereo Matrix
    SBD -0
    AUD -1.5
    AudioVideo Patches:

    Brokedown House Production


  • 152

Accession Number:

  • gd1990-03-14.mtx.tobin.89693.sbeok.flac16

Archival Resource Key:

  • ark:/38305/g46d5v67


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