Grateful Dead Live at Civic Auditorium on 1983-12-31


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Civic Auditorium on 1983-12-31,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 14, 2016,


Set 1:
d1t01 crowd
d1t02 Jack Straw
d1t03 Peggy-O
d1t04 Minglewood Blues
d1t05 Candyman
d1t06 Brother Esau
d1t07 Tennesee Jed
d1t08 Hell in a Bucket >
d1t09 Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
d2t01 crowd > Tsaichovsky's 1812 Overture >
d2t02 Sugar Magnolia >
d2t03 Touch Of Grey
d2t04 Estimated Prophet >
d2t05 Eyes Of The World >
d2t06 Drums >
d3t01 Space ->
d3t02 Throwing Stones >
d3t03 Not Fade Away
d3t04 Brokedown Palace

Set 3 (with Rick Danko and Maria Muldaur):
d3t05 Big Boss Man >
d3t06 Iko-Iko
d3t07 Midnight Hour
d3t08 Goodnight Irene


  • Comments:
    Great sounding closeup FOB master audience cassette with minimal closeup crowd intrusiveness. Thanks to Bill for borrowing me his masters.

    d1t07 (Tennesee Jed) completely missing - spliced from CM's SBD source.
    d3t04 (Not Fade Away) - 7 second splice from SBD source from 06:15-06:22.


  • 167:52.02

Donor and Provenance:

  • Master Cassettes playback on Nakamichi DR-2 > Presonus Firebox (stereo preamp and 24 bit/96 A/D) > firewire/2 GHz PC/WinXP > recorded as 24 bit/96 KHz WAV & pauses/flips were smoothed with crossfades, Wavelab 5 > rendered to 16 bit/44.1 KHz WAV, Waves L3 Multimaximizer > CDWAV 1.9 (tracking) > FLAC (level 8)

Accession Number:

  • gd1983-12-31.fob.senn421.lipton.ladner.34968.sbeok.flac16

Archival Resource Key:

  • ark:/38305/g4ff3sz1


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