Grateful Dead Live at Capitol Theater on 1970-11-06


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    For this run of shows at the Capitol Theater (Nov. 5-8) the Dead played a
    single concert each night from Thursday to Sunday. The Capitol Theater's
    Village Voice ad for October 1 lists shows ("featurning NRPS") at 8:00 PM
    on November 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th. In the ads for 10/29 and 11/5, ads
    for the shows at the 46th St. Rock Palace in Brooklyn are prominent in
    these same issues.

    BAND Grateful Dead
    VENUE Capitol Theater
    CITY Port Chester
    DATE 11/06/70
    SET1 Total [24:19+]; Candyman [1:06]; fixing the monitors [1:37];
    Candyman tuning & Candyman [4:16]; Uncle John's Band [1:25]; Uncle
    John's Band [2:13]; tuning [1:50]; Attics Of My Life [5:23]; drums
    & Phil* [6:30#]

    SET2 Total [50:28+]; Don't Ease Me In [#3:09]; [0:09]; Deep Elem [5:51];
    [1:27]; Dark Hollow [3:02]; [0:43]; Friend Of The Devil [3:36]; [1:31];
    The Rub [2:57]; [0:42]; Black Peter [7:06]; [1:31]; El Paso [4:45**];
    Brokedown Palace tuning** [1:11]; Brokedown Palace** [5:52]; Uncle John's
    Band** [#5:41]

    SET3 Total [:]; NRPS set

    SET4 Total [79:30***]; Casey Jones [4:36]; [0:18]; Me & My Uncle [3:32]; King
    Bee [6:45]; China Cat Sunflower [2:57] >; jam [3:05] >; I Know You Rider
    [4:08]; Easy Wind [8:38]; Truckin [7:31]; Candyman [7:20]; [0:12] Sugar
    Magnolia [7:20]; drums [0:31] >; Good Lovin [1:42] >; drums [4:17] >;
    Main Ten drums [0:35] >; Main Ten [3:43] >; drums [4:10] >; Good Lovin

    SET5 Total [56:44]; Alligator [3:29] >; drums [0:10] >; jam [10:39] >; Not
    Fade Away [2:57] >; Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad [4:13] >; Mountain jam
    [0:30] >; Not Fade Away [2:40] >; Caution [14:13] >; Lovelight [17:30];

    Note - Most timings above are listed as per

    COMMENTS SET 1 is the acoustic soundcheck. *Phil toys with the opening
    lines to Cumberland Blues among various other songs.

    SET 2 is the opening acoustic Dead set. The end of El Paso, Brokedown
    Palace tuning, Brokedown Palace, Uncle John's Band & the NRPS set
    that followed (aka - SET 3), did not circulate as of (2/98)**.

    SET 4 is a electric Dead set. Eyewitness & AUD recorder David Tamarkin
    says this set definetly ends with Good Lovin'. ***Does not include Easy
    Wind, which is not on Teddy GoodBear's copies.

    SET 5 is another electric Dead set. The first 3:10 of the jam after
    Alligator is just Jerry & the drummers; this jam involves allusions to
    Not Fade Away, Goin Down The Road, The Other One and Caution, but never
    settles into any steady riff despite the drummers energetic efforts to
    herd it into Not Fade from 7:30 on -- when they finally do slip into it
    by the back door at 10:39 the effect is explosive. The dovetail into
    Goin Down The Road 3 minutes later is as deft; this song features the
    additional verse "Mama told me son don't go down there." There are
    Caution hints in the transition from Mountain jam back to Not Fade.

    Pigpen's harmonica is prominent early in Caution -- the jamming here is
    over the top, more than a match for any show ever -- the segue into
    Lovelight takes it from a roar to a whisper to a roar in 3 seconds. It's
    hard to believe they didn't play an encore, or two.

    There is no SBD master of this show in the vault.
    From: Teddy GoodBear
    To: Dave Tamarkin
    Subject: Re: 11/6/70 & 8/17/70?
    Date: Monday, February 14, 2000 12:41 PM

    : cassette master > cassette copy > my reel copy
    : at 3-3/4 ips > your dat except for the small portion
    : during the acoustic set with the quality difference,
    : Brokedown and part of El Paso from my cassette master
    : > my reel copy at 3-3/4 ips > your dat.

    Who was the taper for both? Were you the taper for the small portion
    "cassette master"? And do you know what equipment you or he or they used?

    : I don't know if i go along with the 8/17/70 assumption.
    : I have that also, never realized it was the same. it could
    : be capitol, came off one of those tapes and
    : the guy didn't do any trading. The mystery continues...

    Is there more to what you have listed as 8/17/70? Can you compare the 2?

    Teddy :^)

    From: From:
    Subject: Re: 11/6/70 & 8/17/70?
    Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 7:07 PM

    I don't know the name of the guy who taped the bulk of that show, but he was
    the infamous usher who's been mentioned for years. He did almost everyone who
    played there but after a falling out with my friend, his brother in law, we
    never got to dub most of his stash. What was gotten includes several dead, nrps,
    janis, tuna, tull, allmans, delaney & bonnie, traffic & j.a. shows. He would
    set up off the balcony with a mike spread. I have no idea what he used. that
    small acoustic portion was mine on a panasonic portable, if memory serves.

    What you have as 8/17/70 is the same as what i have. As i mentioned, it was on
    one his tapes with no info. He didn't trade so we don't know where else it
    could have been from.

    hope this all helps.
    ----- Original Message -----

    From: Dave Tamarkin
    Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 20:17:11 EST
    Subject: 11/6/70

    Hi folks, my name is Dave Tamarkin. For many years now I've been trying
    to correct the base on the subject of 11/6/70 capitol, port chester. This
    was my 1st show. I was already quite familiar with existing released lp's
    of the dead. Anyway, I brought a recorder with me not knowing about things
    like fresh batteries and how long these guys really play, I only managed
    to get a small part of the show. Many years later, I found out that my
    friend's brother in law was the often mentioned mystery usher who may have
    recorded some shows. He had a deal with the promoter to tape off the balcony
    while tending to his job. His was the source for many good tapes from there,
    including jethro tull, hot tuna, janis joplin, traffic and more. My copy of this
    show has the acoustic brokedown palace, followed by ujb to close the set. Also,
    if you listen closely, after good lovin, you hear a mention of a break to change
    a string, if memory serves. After the break, alligator follows. One show that
    night! i walked in about 8:15 and left about 2. And yes, the nrps set does exist
    on tape, at least from that night.

    keep up the good work, DT

    RECORDING 18 AF 80 A? & 90 AF. **NRPS set & missing acoustic dead songs
    surfaced 2/00, originating from David Tamarkin to Teddy GoodBear. The
    found "missing" acoustic dead songs are in somewhat degraded sound quality.
    CONTRIBUTORS Jim Powell Dwight Holmes Joey Newlander Teddy GoodBear David
    CD1 {Total Time using 80 min CDR - 74:47}
    DEAD acoustic soundcheck:
    Candyman 01:05
    fixing the monitors 01:36
    candyman tuning and Candyman 04:16
    Uncle John's Band 01:25
    Uncle John's Band 02:12
    tuning 01:50
    Attics Of My Life 05:22
    drums & Phil 06:29#
    DEAD opening SET1 acoustic:
    SET1: Don't Ease Me In #03:19
    Deep Elem 06:16
    Dark Hollow 04:32
    Friend Of The Devil 04:14
    tuning 01:16
    The Rub 03:16
    Black Peter 07:42
    tuning 01:16
    El Paso 05:50
    Brokedown Palace tuning 01:10
    Brokedown Palace 05:51
    Uncle John's Band #05:40

    {NRPS Set goes here}

    CD2 {Total Time using 80 min CDR - 79:30}
    DEAD SET2 1st electric:
    Casey Jones 05:25
    Me & My Uncle 04:04
    I'm A King Bee 08:11
    China Cat Sunflower > 06:05
    I Know You Rider 05:36
    MISSING? or was not played: Easy Wind [8:38]
    Truckin 08:43
    Candyman 09:54
    Sugar Magnolia 05:17
    Good Lovin' > 08:45
    Main Ten 08:34
    Good Lovin' 08:50

    CD3 {Total Time - 56:44}
    DEAD SET3 2nd electric:
    Alligator > 06:37
    Not Fade Away > 10:25
    Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad > 04:57
    Mountain Jam > 00:31
    Not Fade Away > 02:19
    Caution > 13:47
    Turn On Your Lovelight 08:04
    Teddy :^)
    Home of etrees:

    PS - Thanks Dave Tamarkin for getting me started with Dead tape trading in 1975. I still have those very 1st cassettes from the Fillmore East you gave me back then!!! And it was good to see you again after more then 15 years in the year 2000!

    Encoded to MP3 by: Teddy "Good Bear" & posted the 1st time to "alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed" 5/00 with the help of Doug Johnson.

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