Grateful Dead Live at Academy of Music on 1972-03-28


Grateful Dead, “Grateful Dead Live at Academy of Music on 1972-03-28,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed February 6, 2016,


Set 1:
d1t01 tuning 01:07
d1t02 Truckin' 09:21
d1t03 Tennessee Jed 06:53
d1t04 tuning 01:23
d1t05 Chinatown Shuffle 02:22
d1t06 tuning 02:02
d1t07 Black-Throated Wind 06:09
d1t08 tuning 01:32
d1t09 You Win Again 03:38
d1t10 tuning 01:00
d1t11 Mr. Charlie 03:44
d1t12 tuning jam 02:11
d1t13 Mexicali Blues 03:28
d1t14 tuning 01:48
d1t15 Brokedown Palace 05:39
d1t16 tuning 02:37
d1t17 Next Time You See Me 04:17
d1t18 tuning 00:57
d1t19 Cumberland Blues 07:29
d2t01 Looks Like Rain 08:22
d2t02 tuning 01:49
d2t03 Big Railroad Blues 04:07
d2t04 tuning 01:13
d2t05 El Paso 02:32
d2t06 China Cat Sunflower > 06:16
d2t07 I Know You Rider 04:48
d2t08 crowd 02:06
d2t09 Casey Jones 07:05
d2t10 tuning 01:19

Set 2:
d2t11 Playin' In The Band 14:34
d2t12 Sugaree 05:17
d2t13 tuning 01:52
d2t14 The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion) 09:22
d3t01 tuning 02:16
d3t02 Sugar Magnolia > 07:15
d3t03 The Other One 25:23
d3t04 tuning 01:38
d3t05 It Hurts Me Too 09:06
d3t06 tuning 01:30
d3t07 Not Fade Away > 06:42
d3t08 Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad > 07:13
d3t09 Not Fade Away 03:14
d3t10 crowd 04:15

d3t11 Sidewalks Of New York > 00:35
d3t12 One More Saturday Night 04:43


  • You might wonder why I would bother to remaster this show since the sound on it is so bad. Well firstly, I like a challenge, secondly I had the time but most of all, it's a great show. This recording had serious deficiencies as can be seen from the original notes. It is now listenable for most of the show but problems remain.

    Purists will probably not like the way that I have re-mastered this but needs must!


  • 218:33.05

Accession Number:

  • gd1972-03-28.aud.teute-bunjes.sirmick.24536.shnf

Archival Resource Key:

  • ark:/38305/g4cc1160


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