Grateful Dead Live at Knickerbocker Arena on 1992-06-11

Set 1

Bertha, Minglewood Blues, Row Jimmy, Queen Jane Approximately, Dire Wolf, Beat It On Down The Line, Loose Lucy, The Music Never Stopped

Set 2

Foolish Heart, Playin' In The Band-> Jam-> Uncle John's Band-> Drums-> Jam-> I Need A Miracle-> Wharf Rat-> Around & Around, E: The Mighty Quinn
- PA mix problems at the start of "Bertha"
- Tape flip after "Dire Wolf" crossfaded


- "Foolish Heart" (due to excessive distortion in this source) 3:53 - 3:58
- "Space" 1:16 - 4:27

patch source: Nakamichi CM-300's with CP-4 shotgun capsules > Casio DA-7 > Sony DG-Dat tape.
Mics on 7-foot stand in OTS. (shnid 86034)


Thanks to Mr. Baker for the source tapes! As with all the Knickerbocker Arena shows the boys played their best and
this capture came out sweet IMO! Once again big thanks to St Alan for making it possible for me to get this show to
SIRMick and to SIRMick for his mastering work for all to listen to and Enjoy!


Thanks to Baker, Keo and St. Alan without whom.......

edited and mastered
December 2010
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MAC > Nakamichi MR-1> Dolby B > Korg MR 100 @ 1Bit/5.6 MHz > AudioGate > 24/96 wav> Adobe Audition 1.5 > Wavelab 6 (with iZotope Ozone) > CD Wave > TLH > Flac 24 taped by Baker and transferred by Keo
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