Grateful Dead Live at Veterans Hall on 1968-11-22

Disc 1 (55:19)

1. //Morning Dew (8:23)
2. Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl (10:40)
3. Dark Star--> (11:51)
4. St. Stephen--> (4:50)
5. The Eleven--> (9:29)
6. Lovelight (10:04)

Disc 2 (29:37)

1. //Cryptical Envelopment--> (1:44)
2. The Other One--> (5:17)
3. Cryptical Envelopment--> (8:26)
4. New Potato Caboose (11:29)
5. //We Bid You Goodnight (2:39)
This is an edited shn set direct from the previously seeded shn set from Teddy Goodbear. The pitch has been corrected with Sound Forge and the recording has been normalized and retracked.

--this recording is in mono
--a heavy dosage of digital noise reduction was almost certainly applied to this recording, probably just before the previous shn set was encoded.
--Bill Kreutzman was absent for this show due to sickness, leaving Mickey Hart as the sole drummer
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