Grateful Dead Live at Capitol Theater on 1970-03-21

Disc 1
Electric- I

1. Introdcution
2. Casey Jones
3. Dancin' In the Streets (!)
4. Easy Wind// (1,2,3)


5. Friend of the Devil (4)
6. Deep Elem Blues (5)
7. Don't Ease Me In
8. Black Peter
9. Wake Up Little Susie
10. Uncle John's Band (6)

Disc 2

1. ...wanna hear Pig Pen? (7)
2. Katie Mae

Electric- II

3. Cosmic Charlie
4. Saint Stephen>
5. Not Fade Away>
6. Jam>
7. Not Fade Away>
8. Midnight Hour>
9. Lovelight

10. We Bid You Goodnight
-Original tape was baked in "Susie Q", shell replaced and transferred on a
Tascam 122mk3 via a Lucid ADA1000 Analog to Digital Converter directly to
disc on a Tascam CDRW700 by John Jay Hance.
-Cleanup performed by Peter G with Soundforge.
-Retracking with WavMerge2.1 and CDWav. SHN conversion with MKW (seekable)
by Evan Bellaff

"Sit Down, Shut up!"- Definitely the crowd mantra at this Grateful Dead show at the Capitol Theater. The energy of an extremely restless audience was beautifully captured on these tapes by Ken and Judy Lee. Not at all shy
about making their presence and demands known, this feisty New York crowd
tested the band's nerves during the first half of the show with an endless
arsenal of hoots, jeers, cries for quiet and a relentless bombardment of
song requests. Fortunately in typical Grateful Dead fashion, the band rose
to the occasion and harnessed and transmuted crowd chaos into one of the
most powerful, over the top and enjoyable finishes in Grateful Dead history. Enjoy this 2.5'nd installment of the Port Chester Resurrection Project- Grateful Dead at the Capitol Theater, March 21, 1970- Late Show.

Thanks to Ken, Judy, Peter and John Jay for another excellent effort. If you are ever at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester, stop by the balcony and say hello to Ken and Judy, but remember to be "vewy, vewy qwiet" (and no tapping on the railing, please)!-
Evan Bellaff (01/04)

(!) 06:42-07:24 During this portion of a fine "Dancin'" jam, Phil and
Jerry's lead open into a state of grace which is breathtaking. The ensuing
7:30 of jam is quite beautiful as well.
(1) Pig mistakedly begins singing the first verse of "Easy Wind" as the
band opens the song with the chorus.
(2) "Easy Wind" cuts off at 7:36. The remainder of the track is a leadin
to the acoustic set, containing some great stage/crowd banter.
(3) 09:42 Bobby- Hey Let's hear some... let's hear some insults. Why
doesn't everybody turn to their neighbor and insult him as worst as you
possibly can.
10:36 Jerry- Take it easy out there you unruly pigs!
(4) 00:20 Audience member (screaming over Jerry's guitar intro to "Friend
of the Devil"):Please sit down!!
Jerry: Shut the f*@K up (second two words clearly muttered under
his breath).
(5) 03:37 One example of several audible instances of a fan tapping on the
balcony railing, to which Ken's microphones were fastened. This sound is
noticable during the acoustic set only.
(6) 00:16 Shhh!!!....Shhh!!!- This sound is none other than Judy Lee
containing crowd noise. Notice how the "clap along" to the UJB introduction
suddenly drops off into silence after the audience is well reprimanded.
(7) 00:00-00:29 Bobby: You guys wanna hear Pig Pen? ...well let him KNOW
about it ...I don't think he hears you, maybe you better shout a little
louder ...and here he is now folks, Pig Pen!!!
00:43 Pig Pen: You probably heard this one last night because it's the
only one I know. (over noisy crowd) Yeah, you can't hear the mistakes
unless you shut up!
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