Grateful Dead Live at Capitol Theater on 1970-06-24

Partial Late Show

Grateful Dead Acoustic

01. Big Railroad Blues//
02. Deep Elem Blues//
03. Friend of the Devil
04. Candyman
05. Cumberland Blues//
06. Cold Jordan

New Riders of the Purple Sage

07. Six Days on the Road
08. Superman
09. I Don't Know You
10. Fair Chance To Know
11. Portland Woman
12. Garden//of Eden//
13. Henry
14. //All I Ever Wanted//

Grateful Dead Electric

15. Crowd //Attics of My Life ->
16. Dark Star//
17. //Sugar Magnolia ->
18. Dark Star ->
19. St. //Stephen ->
20. China Cat Sunflower ->
21. I Know You Rider
22. Uncle John's Band//
Analog to Digital by Bill Gadsden, April 2009

- Aud taper and equipment unknown.
- Some level adjustments were made.
- New Riders tracks were speed corrected +0.8%.
- Cool Edit Pro was used to perform all edits.
- Encoded to FLAC level 8 via Trader's Little Helper.
- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with pitch correction.

Background Notes:
In 1973 Bill Gadsden acquired several reels belonging to Buddy Miller, among them were the three reels comprising the complete 9/20/70 Fillmore East show. which Bill digitized and circulated in 2000. The 'A' side of this particular reel contains the portion of 9/20/70 from Big Boy Pete to the "undamaged" portion of Caution. The 'B' side has an audience recording of a portion of Cold Rain and Snow through the end of the 2/11/70 Late Show in the left channel and portions of 6/24/70 Late Show in the right channel. Bill remembers listening to 2/11/70 and possibly 6/24/70 back in 1973 when compiling the complete 9/20/70 show, but the reels remained shelved for over 30 years, until recently. It is altogether possible that Buddy Miller taped the shows using his reel to reel deck that took 5" reels, but he does not remember. Until such time as more details arise, the taper remains unknown. During the analog to digital conversion, the single channel recording was dubbed, making it a two channel mono recording.

- Chuck Reynolds, May 2009
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Donor and Provenance
Audience master > ?? > Reel(Mono, Scotch 7" reel @ 3&3/4ips) > Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 > CDR > EAC(secure, offset corrected) > Cool Edit Pro > TLH > FLAC16
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