Grateful Dead Live at Winterland Arena on 1971-03-24

Set 1 (partial)

Greatest Story Ever Told ->
Johnny B. Goode

Set 2

Next Time You See Me ->
Truckin' ->
Drums ->
The Other One
Playing In The Band
Not Fade Away ->
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
Not Fade Away

Uncle John's Band

- many tracks were running fast and have been adjusted using shnid 25313 as a guide. Others
were more or less spot on
- about 10 seconds missing from "Next Time You See Me"
- "Bertha" fades in, about 3 seconds are missing
- "Casey Jones" fades in, about 2 seconds are missing, and the last 8 seconds also
- "Hard To Handle" fades in, about 4 seconds are missing at the start and the last second or so
- "Playing In The Band" has about 10 seconds missing
- "Not Fade Away" has about 7 seconds missing
- the start of "Uncle John's Band" is clipped
- I applied a little hiss reduction, there is still some left but it's not that bad
- the source used here is quite degraded in places


- Benefit for the Sufi Choir of San Francisco (who opened)
- The original running order was as per Deadlists. Clearly that is incorrect as evidenced by shnid 25313,
Weir says after BIODTL "We'll be taking a short break........". I decided to go with running order in shnid 25313

Many thanks to Brian Barletta for extracting the wavs and getting them to me

edited with Adobe Audition, mastered with iZotope Ozone and Izotope RX Advanced
November 2008
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