Grateful Dead Live at Winterland Ballroom on 1978-10-20

One New Minglewood Blues ; They Love Each Other ; Cassidy ; Dire Wolf ; El Paso ; Tennessee Jed ; It's All Over Now ; Loser ; Lazy Lightnin' > Supplication

Two Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo > Franklin's Tower ; Dancing In The Street > Drums > Space > Not Fade Away > Black Peter > Around And Around

Encore Johnny B. Goode ; Shakedown Street
The tape was flipped during Franklins Tower (disc 2 track 2 at 6:51).
The tape was again flipped in the Space > Not Fade Away transition (disc 3 track 4 at 0:12).
These breaks were spliced together with NERO wave editor.
NERO was also used to make volume adjustments and to surgically remove distracting ôclapsö one at a time.
As a note, the Sony ecm-280 cardiod microphone specification page describes the frequency response as 30 to 18KHz.
No Eq or Noise reduction used.
There is a slight fluttering noise in the master cassettes during the quieter sections.
Thanks to John Musgrave for the use of his recording equipment.
Mike Martin July 2009
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Donor and Provenance
Nakamichi CR3A w/ Dolby > Audigy 4 Pro @ 24/44.1 > Editing with NERO > Tracked With CD Wave
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