Grateful Dead Live at Giants Stadium on 1989-07-10

Set 1

Feel Like A Stranger ~ Franklin's Tower
Walkin' Blues
When I Paint My Masterpiece % Tennessee Jed
The Music Never Stopped ->
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2

Foolish Heart
Just A Little Light
Playing In The Band ->
Uncle John's Band ->
Jam ->
Drums ->
Space ->
Iko Iko ->
All Along The Watchtower ->
Morning Dew
Sugar Magnolia

Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Notes: Due to the inclement weather, the tape was not paused between
songs, plus I recorded all the drums. The result is that this tape is
aprx ten minutes longer than the Healy-mix soundboard (Shn-ID 16071).
I used that source to cover two of the tape flips: Tennessee Jed from
6:10 thru 6:27, and Sugar Magnolia from 0:00 thru 0:10. Other than
the awkward tape flips, the only other flaws are some spots where the
vocals are over-saturated, mainly noticeable in Franklin's Tower and
Foolish Heart.

Shn-ID 16071 was also missing the same segment of Drums where I had to
flip my tape, so aprx five or ten seconds are missing. I joined the cut
together as seamlessly as possible with a small fade and minor editing.
If anyone has another source and wants to patch that part to make it
complete, the cut occurs in d2t06, at track time 11:26.923. The break
between D2 and D3 is seamless for reassembly onto longer media.

With my personal thanks to everyone who helped me out while I made this
tape in the middle of a downpour and lightning storm. Enjoy, everyone!
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