Grateful Dead Live at Cal Expo Amphitheatre on 1989-08-06

Set 1

Good Times
Feel Like A Stranger
Franklin's Tower
Walkin' Blues
Ramble On Rose
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bird Song

Set 2

Scarlet Begonias ->
Fire On The Mountain
Samson And Delilah % Ship Of Fools
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ->
Drums ->
Space ->
I Will Take You Home ->
The Other One ->
Wharf Rat ->
Turn On Your Lovelight

Johnny B. Goode ->
And We Bid You Good Night
Notes: The end of Women Are Smarter was cut and most of Drums
was missing from the MAC. A lenghty patch (7:53) was taken from
Shnid-14197, starting at 7:44 of Women Are Smarter, and going to
6:52 of Drums. Soundforge was used to add the patch, to repair
the pitch of Shnid-14197, and to make fades. The break between
discs is seamless for reassembly onto longer media. Taped and
transfered thru CDR by Jon Pasternak. EAC thru FLAC by Andrew F.

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Donor and Provenance
MAC > Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby on) > Tascam CDRW-5000 > CDR > EAC > Soundforge > CD-Wave > TLH v. (for SBE-OK, FLAC compression, and checksums) > FLAC
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