The Music of my life


[Unknown User], “The Music of my life,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed July 30, 2021,

How did you become a Deadhead?:

  • I suppose that hearing "Dark Star" for the first time converted me. I then went to my first show in '72 in Rochester, NY when they were touring with the New Riders. After that I saw them several times in NY, New Jersey and later in Miami.

What is your favorite Dead show, and why?:

  • Clearly, my favorite show occurred at Watkins Glen Speedway in July of '73.The show featured the Allman Bros.,The Band,and the Dead.THE DAY BEFORE the show(Friday)each group did a soundcheck until around 6:00PM when the Dead came out to what we believed to be a short soundcheck.As the crowd had not arrived till later that night, we stroud down to the front of the stage to the sounds of a beautiful version of "Bird Song", it was the closest I'd had ever seen the band.After about 2 hours of music, the band took a break and it became dark when they returned with what i intially thought was Dark Star(under the stars)it was a beautiful Jam that I listened to in my sleeping bag looking at the stars in the central NY sky a moment I will never forget.I consider the show as a very rare personal performance for us few fans from a band that loved to play their music.

What is your favorite Dead song, and why?:

  • Dark Star followed by Scarlet Begonias. Both songs feature the guitar wizardy of Jerry Garcia and can be played in different ways each performance.

What is your favorite aspect of the Dead scene?:

  • The shared love of the music. Knowing that all the people at any show have a connection with this music.

What, if anything, do you think is important about the Dead, and about the Dead phenomenon?:

  • The band incorporated elements of Jazz,Country, Bluegrass,and Rock into each show.The introduction of different genres of music expanded our musical appreciation.

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