Small world


[Unknown User], “Small world,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed June 24, 2021,

How did you become a Deadhead?:

  • I grew up in thier era i'm 55 i got into law nforcement and security.well i ended up working at a school and got to know natacha muenter bob weirs wife.bob couldn't have married a nicer or more beautiful woman.thanks.frederick H.Marker

What is your favorite Dead show, and why?:

  • Thier all great!!

What is your favorite Dead song, and why?:

  • A touch of grey i love the lyrics

What is your favorite aspect of the Dead scene?:

  • They are and were good people.

What, if anything, do you think is important about the Dead, and about the Dead phenomenon?:

  • They will never die!!

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Thanks for contributing your thoughts, Frederick - - nicely said. It's great to have you represented in GDAO, and we hope you enjoy checking out the rest of the site!


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