SAVE THE CREAMERY!! Mike Fitch and Victor Zboralski, a FIELD TRIP account to Veneta Oregon 1972.

How did you become a Deadhead?
Grrr have to start over ... laptop keyboard deleted my epic text with a mysterious combination of finger slips... 3 pages worth- will submit a followup under same title at a later date when I cool off...Anyway THANK YOU to my friend Mike Fitch for dragging me along, au gratis, from Ashland, Oregon. That was an awesome act of friendship as we headed into our Senior Year of High School late in the summer of 1972. Mike produced everything -tickets, map, and awesome VW Beetle ride,,, I didn't even have dirt in my pocket to help with expenses, and was silent Bob most of the trip. Mike if you are reading this, THANKS!
What is your favorite Dead show and why?
Well the only one I went to of course, Sunshine Daydream, "Field Trip" 1972, Veneta, Oregon. See the enclosed account. I later saw Jerry at the Paramount in Seattle a few times in the 1980's, -one great show, one lackluster. Nothing compares to this 1972 concert in OREGON! Did not take in any water in 24 hours at this event in 104 degree weather, but survived without complaining!
What is your favorite Dead song and why?
Well after 40 years, there is no clear favorite, but Jack Straw has the most haunting lyrics, great harmonized vocalizations, and poetic imagery in my mind's eye. Not your typical song genre, and sadly interesting story. I also can hear note for note Not Fade Away/Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, and China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider because they were classic jam rock medleys.
What is your favorite aspect of the Dead scene?
I was too green to fully appreciate my first concert only being 16 going on 17, but I was a great vessel for recollecting. At the time it was like I was an expressionless, invisible or insignificant capsule recording everything. Not sure if I was enjoying it at every moment, but everything seems more epic and enjoyable looking back separated from the discomfort.
What, if anything, do you think is important about the Dead, and about the Dead phenomenon?
Being somewhat poor and a misfit in those days was kind of a lonely and scary place, but it had its moments of happiness. There WAS (underlined!) a connection with MANY like minded people, if little direction and mentorship in life existed otherwise. Hope everyone landed on their feet, and hope no kids or cows were traumatized.Victor
Do you have anything else related to the Dead that you'd like to share?
Like I said, I want to rewrite my account when my neck isn't hurting from the loss of data earlier.
Big open field, stage looked like bleached bones made from driftwood logs. Hot as freaking hell. No water, no shade. Body was sticky from the poopy cow run off.
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