Grateful Dead Live at Oakland Coliseum Arena on 1989-12-28

1st Set:

d1t01 Tuning
d1t02 Let The Good Times Roll
d1t03 Stranger
d1t04 Dire Wolf
d1t05 Little Red Rooster
d1t06 Ramble On Rose
d1t07 Queen Jane Appoximately
d1t08 Just A Little Light
d1t09 Let It Grow

2nd Set:

d2t01 Tuning
d2t02 Foolish Heart>
d2t03 Looks Like Rain
(Missing) Eyes Of The World>
d2t05 Drums*>
d3t01 Space>
d3t02 Gimme Some Lovin>
d3t03 All Along The Watchtower>
d3t04 Stella Blue>
d3t05 Turn On Your Lovelight


d3t06 U.S. Blues

*with Willie Green
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