Watkins Glen July 28, 1973


[Unknown User], “Watkins Glen July 28, 1973,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed July 30, 2021, https://www.gdao.org/items/show/1695105.

How did you become a Deadhead?:

  • I went to Watkins Glen, it was so amazing.
    It started as a carvan of bumper to bumper
    freaks on the NYS Thruway, and Rt17 in Upstate New York. We were wheeling along yelling Hi to fellow
    Concert goers.
    Then all of a sudden it slowed down and was bumper to bumper freaks for hours, one massive Laughing,
    Partying, Music playing Giddy Mass of People.
    It didnt stop there, once I got to the Racetrack
    the amount of people were amazing. I was there for the soundcheck friday evening which was a show in itself.
    You felt it in the air something special was going on.
    I arrived at the concert area early Saturday, and set up me tent, and made friends all around. All morning people just kept coming more and more people. At one point one of my new friends said 'Check it out Maaan!' We climbed a Porto-San together, and all you could see were people and tents, and Rainbows of color. Later we found out it was the biggest gathering of humanity ever.

    I ended up getting dosed with more then 10 doses of the realy good LSD going around then. I saw Jerry Play an Electric Wind through Shining Purple Mountains. So Joyous, So Transcending!!!!!!!

What is your favorite Dead show, and why?:

  • Watkins Glen obviously, because of the Sea of Humanity, and just the feeling of perfectness it all had. The bands were all great, The Grateful Dead, The Band, & The Allman Brothers.
    It was a super hot day, and later when it rained we
    all felt chilled, and took warmth and comfort from each other.

What is your favorite Dead song, and why?:

  • Scarlet Begonias.
    Love the Raggae beat, and just the general feeling
    the song evokes. Many of my male friends had a woman like Scarlet in their lives, as I did.

What is your favorite aspect of the Dead scene?:

  • The commeraderie, then general laid back feeling of friendship that never seems to go away.

What, if anything, do you think is important about the Dead, and about the Dead phenomenon?:

  • The Dead just transcended on so many levels.
    Some people say it was drug fueled.
    But the drugs werent drugs but Sacraments.
    We melded together through different dimensions,
    through our own transcendence, our feelings and
    the commeradery.

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