Grateful Dead Live at Deer Creek Music Theater on 1990-07-18

Disc 1
1. Help on the Way>
2. Slipknot!>
3. Franklin's Tower
4. Minglewood Blues
5. Easy To Love You
6. Peggy-O
7. When I Paint My Masterpiece
8. Brown Eyed Women
9. Cassidy
10. Deal

Disc 2
1. tuning
2. China Cat Sunflower
3. I Know You Rider
4. Looks Like Rain
5. Terrapin
6. drums

Disc 3
1. space
2. The Other One
3. Morning Dew
4. The Weight (encore)
Thanks to Mike W and Mike Lai for the discs. Retracked and seeded by Peter Braverman (, July 2002.

*yes, that's FIVE cassette generations, but don't be deterred -- this is a great set and it sounds great.
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Set 1 : MC> C5*> SoundForge> CD> EAC> SHN. Set 2: unknown, likely S:DAT> C> DAT> CD> SHN
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