Grateful Dead Live at Sam Boyd Silver Bowl on 1991-04-28

Set 1

Jack Straw
Wang Dang Doodle
Me And My Uncle ->
Big River
Bird Song

Set 2

Foolish Heart
Saint Of Circumstance
Crazy Fingers
Drums ->
Space ->
The Other One ->
Wharf Rat ->
Around And Around
Sunshine Daydream

Box Of Rain
Patch fix of shnid 6112

I used patch source A to patch several of the flaws listed below (see my bracketed comments), as well as source B at the beginning of Foolish Heart. Source B was also used to patch in almost 8 minutes from 9:49 of Drums to 7:31 of Space plus the fade in/out between the original CDs 2 and 3 (now 8:12-8:14 of Space in this fix). Although patch source A is better overall, source B was closer to the SBD during the bass-heavy Drums/Space. This patch was raised 3.1 dB to ensure smooth transitions between it and the SBD. To compensate, volume envelopes of varying degrees were used around four different peaks to keep them from clipping.

All editing was done in Cool Edit 2000 and shntool used to clean up the resulting SBEs.

Many thanks to Matt Vernon for supplying the SBD source, and to him and MattMan for the FOB patch sources.

Bill Tetzeli (
6:35 PM 2/11/2007
Main source: (purported) SBD> Phil Lesh's cassette master>DAT>CDR>EAC>mkw>SHN

Patch source A: FOB MAC (2 beyerm 160 & 1 Sennheiser 421>Sony TCD5M)>?>SHN (shnid 19161)

Patch source B: FOB Neumann U87's > ? > CDR > EAC(secure) > mkwact(seekable) (shnid 8196)
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