Unidentified man at the Grateful Dead concert and Be-In


Salisbury, Ken, “Unidentified man at the Grateful Dead concert and Be-In,” Grateful Dead Archive Online, accessed April 26, 2018, https://www.gdao.org/items/show/827103.


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Ken Salisbury

That photo is of Bill Kreutzmann, taken at El Camino Park in June, I think, of 1967.  Same time the other pictures of the band were taken, Jerry under the truck with Mountain Girl, Bobby close-up on stage, Bobby clowning over Pig-Pen's hat, Phil in the truck, and another close-up of Pig.  I was introduced to all of the band members by Pig-Pen's little brother, Kevin, who lived around the corner from me.  I took the photos with a Polaroid "Swinger" camera.


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