A Gentle Push into the New Year

How did you become a Deadhead?
Hish School friends turned me onto the music
What is your favorite Dead show and why?
So Many to choose from, but this has to be the one I remember best: New Years Eve at Winterland - 1972/3. the night I got on the bus...
What is your favorite Dead song and why?
There are so many magnificent couplings of music and lyrics in the Dead's repertoire and most of them speak to me (almost as if they were composed and performed just for my benefit) so the random choice as I write this today in 2012 is "Box of Rain." The randomness and beauty of our existence on this sphere as it spins through this plain of the universe, is what I'm connecting to today, and that's the song that popped into my brain as I come to this site today.
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Ed Summers

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Jul 5, 2012